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You may have recently realised that the repairs required for your BMW to be road-worthy again add up to a higher amount than the car are actually worth at the moment. This is a sure sign that your BMW has entered the junk realm. Once this has happened, you can be sure that it is as good as dead. You will never drive that BMW again, ever.

Of course, it goes without saying that any normal attempts at selling it will probably be fruitless. Junk cars aren’t exactly easy to pawn off on anybody. What you need to do is contact us here at Taha Car Buyers and we will happily buy your old, used, broken, accidental, totalled or unwanted BMW. Read more top 10 reasons to sell that junk car to Taha Car Buyers.

Find out How Much Your BMW is Worth

Thinking that a junk car of any type is worthless is an easy trap for anyone to fall into. But this is categorically untrue. Your BMW is worth money, and the best way to find out exactly how much is to contact us! Call us on our phone line which is 0800 113 136, or go to our website and there you will find a quote request form. We provide free quotes with no obligations attached to them. Just tell us your BMW’s age, model and condition and the rest are gravy!

We will buy any BMW Regardless of what Model it is

There is nothing that can make us turn our noses up at a BMW and refuse to buy it. Everyone needs to be able to sell their clunkers, regardless of what kind of clunker they own. We cover the whole South Island, NZ including ChristchurchKaikouraMarlboroughAshburtonDunedinOtagoSouthland in general.

That is the reason why we have a policy whereby we accept all the different kinds of vehicle, including vans, Utes, trucks, 4×4’s and SUV’s as well as cars. So, whether your BMW is an E38, E65, E39, E36, E46, E52, E53, E60, E65, E85, F12, F26 or G11 we will happily pay good cash for it!

We Want BMW’s in Any Condition

The only way to sell a junk car is to sell to a company such as ours. If you are selling us your BMW, this is probably the reason. There is no way that our BMW Wreckers are going to reject your junk BMW because it is in bad condition. A car doesn’t need to be in a good state of repair for us to be able to successfully dismantle it and salvage the BMW used spare parts. Even if there are no parts worth salvaging, we can sell them as scrap metal.

We Remove Cars for Free

When we buy a car, first we arrange for a time and place for us to come over and inspect it. Once we do that, we pay you cash on the spot, before using our car removal equipment to haul it off. We personally foot the cost of the removal operation. This is so that you, the customer, get all the money that your car is worth, and nothing is deducted. So if you have a BMW that you want to sell, call us!

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