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How Taha Car Buyers Estimate the Value of your Car

Is selling your broken down, good for nothing, useless scrap car, on your list of things to do? Having this as a task can be burdensome if you are not aware of the solution. That solution, if you live in the South Island (Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Nelson, Ashburton, Oamaru and Timaru), is Taha Car Buyers! That is because no-one else has the same level of skill and expertise required to pay the best cash amounts for vehicles that have died.

Forget about vehicle market value calculator online because they might give you false price. Get the real scrap car price by contacting us.

3 Steps to Buying Your Scrap Car for Cash

  1. Contact Us by Calling or Filling a form (“Instant Quote Form”) on the website.
  2. We give you a quick quote, no obligation [free used car valuations in NZ]
  3. Book a free car removal service anywhere in South Island, NZ & Get paid in full on the spot.

Value Your Car For Free

Of course, we aren’t the only Cash for Cars Vehicle Wrecking Company out there in Canterbury. A quick search engine enquiry will reveal a great many of them. And they all lay claim to being the best. How does one discern which company would be the superior option? You can answer this question very easily. Find out who estimates the value of vehicles using the most accurate means.

We here at Taha Car Buyers use the best methods in order to estimate the value of your car. You are ensured the best cash for car deal possible. What do we take into account when we are ascertaining the value of an automobile? Continue reading and find out!

The Size of the Vehicle

Larger automobiles (light commercial trucks, Caravans, Campervans and Lorries), like Utes, trucks, 4WDs and vans, will have more materials in them. This instantly means that they will in general be more valuable than cars. The weight in steel alone means that you will be able to sell that automobile for much more money than a car would get.

How Old the Vehicle is?

Each year, new automobiles get more and more efficient, as they are fitted with the newest technology. The older a car is, the less advanced you can expect the tech on it to be. This is one reason for why cars that are older are less valuable than vehicles that are in just as good condition but were manufactured more recently.

The Condition the Vehicle is in

If your automobile is in great condition, it can be assumed that it has a lot of parts on it that can be salvaged. This is true for scrap cars as well as used cars. The fact of the matter is that a vehicle can have a broken transmission, and be scrapped as a result. It just means that it would cost more to repair that car than it is worth.

All the other parts on it can still be salvaged and sold as second hand components. A vehicle that has been in a crash and most of the parts have been ruined will be less valuable. The materials can still be sold as scrap metal and so forth.

The Model and Corresponding Make

Parts for popular car makes will be in high demand. This results in said parts being more valuable. Parts that are in less demand will be harder to sell, so parts vendors will price them lower in the hopes that the low price will motivate someone to buy them. This is why when a scrap car is valuated, the make and model are taken into account.

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