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How to Sell Your Car with Blown Engine in Christchurch

When a vehicle’s engine fails for any reason, it is pretty much the automotive version of a cardiac arrest. And if a vehicle is old enough, it can be fatal. The irony is that a blown engine can cause so much stress you may feel as if you are about to have a cardiac arrest yourself! At this point, you may begin contemplating what your options are, and could be thinking of having the vehicle fixed.

Whether that is a good idea depends on how much the car was worth before the engine blew. Because if it was worth less than how much it is going to cost in order to either get the engine repaired or replaced, you may want to sell the car instead.

But who are you going to sell it to? If you live in New Zealand’s South Island, this question can best be answered thusly: Taha Car Buyers!

Find the Worth of a Car with Blown Engine from Taha Car Buyers

Sure, you may find that there are other auto wrecking companies in your area. But how many of them pay as much cash for scrap cars as we do? We are very generous and pay the most amount of money for vehicles that have kicked the bucket. In fact, it is with great pride that we pay up to $7’000 for vehicles such as cars, and that isn’t all. When we buy larger automobiles such as trucks and 4wd’s, we pay up to $15000. We also buy SUV’s, Utes and vans.

Trade in Car That Doesn’t Run for $$$ CASH Value

We have over twenty years in the industry under our belts. If you want to take advantage of the skills and expertise that we have accumulated in that time, you will be rewarded with a free removal service. We never charge for the removal of junk cars from people’s properties after we pay them top cash to buy them in the first place.

Has the Motor in Your Vehicle Blown?

There are a few different things that can cause a motor to spit the proverbial dummy. But when it does happen, the result is always the same. You can no longer drive the vehicle in question. And it can cost a lot of money to fix. When it costs more to fix than the car is worth, your next best bet is to sell it to us here at Taha Car Buyers.

Here is how to TRADE IN Broken Car with Cash Value:

  1. Drop Us a Line

This can forth-with be described as the very first step in the entire process. It involves getting in touch with us. That way, we will have established a line of communication. Do this by dialling 0800 113 136 or you can complete the quote request form on our website.

  1. Get a Free Quote from Us

Perhaps you want a free quote. Is that what you want? This is perfectly understandable. When you contact us tell us the condition your car is in, including the fact that the motor is blown. We will also need to know how old it is and what make and model it belongs to. We will give you the free quote after this has taken place.

  1. Sell Your Wrecked Car With Bad Engine Problems!

We will come over to where the vehicle in question is situated and purchase your car. We pay top cash on the spot. Then we haul your car off. Congratulations, you have sold a scrap car for top cash + you have earned a free car removal service in Christchurch.

What are the signs that the car motor is blown?

When the exhaust pipe is releasing smoke that is blue in colour, your engine may have blown. This is due to engine oil in the combustion chamber boiling. If it is engine coolant or water that has gotten into the combustion chamber, the colour of this smoke will be white.

Then there are the sounds within your engine that can be a dead giveaway to whether the engine has blown or not. Because of parts within the engine that are broken, there is a knocking sound occurring when the engine runs. Also described as rattling.

If the engine won’t start at all, this is yet another red flag. Have a look at the engine oil. If you find that there is coolant in it, this also means bad things for your engine. If the engine is using far more oil than it normally does, it could mean that a gasket is leaking or has blown. This means that the oil is going where it shouldn’t be, and not going where it should. The engine overheats as a result, and a broken down engine is the result.

Is it ever worth fixing a car with a blown engine?

You will have a few different options available to you if you ever have the misfortune of experiencing an engine break-down. One of them is to get the engine repaired. This can cost up to $4000. If your car is worth only half of that, perhaps the better idea is to sell your car to us here at Taha Car Buyers.

We will pay you the most money that you can expect to get paid for a scrap car. The amount can go up to $15’000 depending on how old your car is, what condition it is in, and its make or model. We don’t only buy cars either, as we are more than interested in Utes, SUV’s, vans, 4×4’s and trucks.

The Best Place to Sell Your Mechanically Faulty Car for Cash Value in Christchurch

We will buy your car, whether it is in the worst condition possible, or better condition. We will buy it no matter what make or model it is. And we will provide you with a removal service that is completely free. No hidden charges here!

Sell Your Non-Working Vehicle to Taha Car Buyers

So, if your car’s engine has blown and it costs too much to repair, contact us. Don’t let it sit on your property getting older and less valuable. Instead, make the most out of a bad situation and tell us all about your scrap car.

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