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Scrap Car Recycling in Christchurch – How good it is for the Environment?

The amount of cars that are manufactured each year averages out at over seventy million. That is a lot of cars. It is probably safe to assume that a similar number of cars will die each year. Where are all those dead cars going to go? Does each town all over the world have a giant car graveyard? This would be unthinkable. The sheer waste of steel alone, not to mention the pollution from all the plastics and fluids, makes this a completely unsustainable solution. Say Thanks to scrap car recycling in Christchurch.

Fortunately, there is a mechanism in place for the recycling of all these vehicles. And there is plenty of financial incentive for it to be utilised. Which means that cars are being recycled, not dumped. What does the recycling process entail, exactly? Continue reading and find out all about it. You will be overwhelmed by how interesting it all is, so take a seat to ensure you are safe.

What Components and Materials Get Recycled?

The process of recycling a vehicle won’t necessarily result in one-hundred percent of the vehicles being re-used somehow. But a huge majority of it will be, so don’t despair. The components and materials that aren’t recycled will be disposed of, and using methods that are clean and green. The well-being of the environment has been always the most important consideration.

Materials that are recycled include all the steel and other metals on your car. Glass can be reconstituted for further use in other products, as can the rubber found in hoses and tyres. Out of the hundreds of millions of tyres that are manufactured world-wide every year, over eighty percent of them are recycled in a variety of different ways. The battery is one of the most easily recycled components of any automobile.

The Auto Recycling Process in All its Glory

Usually, a vehicle is recycled once it is considered to be a scrap vehicle. For some reason, it needs repairs that would be more costly than it is worth. The owner calls Car Wrecking Yards or Cash for Cars Christchurch service as they are often called. They provide a quote, and if the offer is accepted, they send someone over to inspect the vehicle.

Once the car is given a thorough look-at, and the final offer is made, resulting in the conclusion of the sale, it goes to the scrap yard. Or salvage yard (These places and companies have too many names). The car recycling experts will look at the vehicle and sort out what parts on the car can be salvaged as second hand components, to be sold at a later date. Or they could simply repair the car if they have the right parts on hand and it will make them money.

Repairing a car will be more financially pragmatic if they can do so, but only if it costs less in man hours than the car will be worth once fixed.

The Auto Dismantling and Draining Process

This is the fate for most of the vehicles that end up at a salvage yard. The process of dismantling a vehicle can’t go ahead until all the fluids are drained. What is the reason behind this? These fluids, which include the coolant, anti-freeze, brake fluid and engine oil, are very bad for the environment.

If the car is dismantled without draining first, these fluids are going to be spilled everywhere. Then they will need to be cleaned up, which will involve hosing the area down. Those fluids will be hosed into drains and end up in the waterways, the rivers, streams, and so forth.

Those fluids will be filtered and re-used. Then the car will be dismantled, with special attention given to what parts can be sold second hand and what parts can’t. Parts that can’t be sold second hand due to bad condition will be recycled as scrap materials instead.

The Sale of Used Parts, and the Scrapping of Materials

Scrap Car Yards in Christchurch can make a lot of money out of the re-sale of salvaged parts. This is the economic incentive that makes not recycling cars seem silly. A car can be a scrap car even if it only has one thing wrong with it. As long as, either through neglect or accident, it has a part that would cost too much to repair compared to its value.

These parts are often sold by the same company that salvaged them. This isn’t always the case but it often is. If they aren’t selling them to anyone, they are selling them to auto repair shops. In any case, buying parts from scrap yard can benefit the environment.

As all the parts that can be re-used are now out of the vehicle, the rest of it gets completely wrecked. What does this entail? First, the shell is crushed, and then shredded. The remains will be dealt with by separating metals from non-metals, and then the metals are sorted into their own groups. Everything is then sold to companies that deal with scrap metal exclusively.

How Does this Help the Environment?

If we didn’t recycle these vehicles, one result would be the leakage of all those harmful fluids into the environment. Another problem is the massive waste of steel and other valuable materials. They were originally mined in order to get them out of the ground. When they are re-used, that is metal that doesn’t need to be mined, reducing the demand for the mining process.

Why scrap car recycling Christchurch is good to reduce the demand for freshly mined metal? Because mining creates pollution and uses up far more energy than recycling does. This is why recycling in general, is always good for the environment. Regardless of what is being recycled.

Scrap Car Recycling Christchurch – Sell your Scrap Car, Don’t Dump it yourself!

If you have a scrap car in Christchurch, Canterbury, it isn’t hard to sell it. All you have to do is contact Taha Car Buyers. Tell us the make, model, age and condition the vehicle is in. You end up getting a nice payment of cash on the spot, and you also free up space on your property.

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