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Scrap Car Buyers in Christchurch

Has your car earned itself the unfortunate distinction of being a vehicle that will never be driven again? Perhaps this is due to the fact that it has gotten very old. That often makes a vehicle non-road-worthy. Or maybe the automobile in question has met some other unfortunate fate. There are many roads that lead to a car’s demise. And now the set of wheels is languishing in your garage. This is when you know it is time to scrap your car for cash. Scrap Car Buyers Christchurch at Taha Car Buyers can help you with that.

Licensed Scrap Car Buyer in Christchurch, South Island

If you currently reside in the beautiful city of Christchurch, Canterbury, you have access to the South Island’s number one unwanted car removal service. Which is us here at Taha Car Buyers! Your vehicle might be of a different variety, which is fine since we also buy trucks, SUV’s, 4×4’s, vans and Utes.

Christchurch’s Best Auto Wrecking Service

You deserve the best, just like anyone else. And this is no less true when it comes to auto wrecking companies running across Canterbury and the rest of the Southland region. We are here to provide just that. Our level of skill and automotive expertise is next to none, and you can be sure that when you get paid for your scrap car, you will be getting the best value for your vehicle. If your automobile has enough valuable parts still working on it, the amount you can walk away with can go up to $12’000. How’s that for top cash for scrap cars in Christchurch?

Unwanted Car Removal For FREE!

Your junk car isn’t going to be driven anywhere ever again. So the trip to our scrap auto dismantlers for salvaging isn’t going to be done by operating it. You don’t want to hire a towing truck in order to remove your old car, as the cost of hiring it will eat into the money you get from selling it. At the end of the day you will have less money than you would like. We understand this problem here at Taha Car Buyers, hence our free car removal service.

We think that you deserve the most cash for your old car. What better reason could we have for taking on the cost of removal of your broken car ourselves? We even perform the removal process ourselves with our own removal trucks! You don’t have to worry about a single solitary dollar being compromised by hidden costs when doing business with us.

Same Hour Cash for Your Scrap Car in Christchurch

It sure is true that you won’t get a higher cash deal for your automobile regardless of scrap car prices in New Zealand. No-one in South Island, NZ pays the same generous amounts for cars as we do. As has already been mentioned, we pay up to $12’000 for all kinds of vehicles (Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Utes and Work Vans). Don’t worry about whether we will reject your car for any reason either. This is a common misconception about the scrap car wrecking industry. The truth is that we buy cars regardless of what their details are.

Light Commercial Trucks & Work Van Buyers

Perhaps you have a wreck truck that needs to be removed from your property. If it is a scrap vehicle that is never going to be of any use ever again, this is important to remember: Taha Car Buyers don’t restrict ourselves to simply purchasing automobiles of the car variety. We also buy other automobile types. Sure, we buy cars, but we buy trucks too. We buy vans, Utes, SUV’s and 4×4’s. We buy them all.

Good conditioned 4wd vehicles can earn up to $15’000 so better get a free assessment from our team and find out the price for your vehicle.

Our Eco Friendly Scrap Auto Dismantling Process

We get asked what we do with scrap cars once we get them back to our salvage yard all the time. This happens to be a very good question. The answer can be easily summed up thusly: We recycle them. But it is more complicated than that. First of all, the fluids are drained from the car. This is important to do, as if we didn’t, those fluids would make a mess during the dismantling phase of our operations. Eventually they would get into the environment and hurt the local plant and wild life.

Then we take all the parts and components off the car, adding parts that can be re-usable to our used parts inventory. We will be selling those parts at affordable prices after they have been properly tested. Parts and components that are in such bad condition that they are useless will be sold to scrap material companies.

We Buy Scrap Cars of All Make or Models

Some auto recycling companies that make a living exchanging unwanted cars for cash limit their buying habits to specific vehicle types. Some will only buy certain models, while others will only buy trucks.

Here at Taha Car Buyers we are passionate about providing the best service to the most people. We are, after all, car scrappers, and we make it possible for people to properly dispose of their cars. Here is just a small sampling of all the makes that we buy:

The best place in Christchurch to Scrap Your Car

If you have sold a working car on the private market, or bought a car, you will be familiar with the fact that the condition the vehicle is in will have a huge impact on how easy it is to sell. So it is normal for people to reach the conclusion that we will be less likely to buy a vehicle if it is in bad condition. However, we are a scrap car buyer. And it turns out that scrap cars are already in the worst condition that they can be in. But we will still buy them regardless, and within the same day. There is no faster way to sell your car!

Book a Scrap Car Collection in Christchurch

You may live in Rangiora, Ashburton, Christchurch, Dunedin, Kaikoura, Marlborough, Timaru or Southland. Where ever you live, you don’t have to dump your car. Instead, you should sell your car for cash. Get in touch with us at 0800 113 136 or fill out an online form that you can discover on our website!

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