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Taha Car Buyers lead the way in South Island’s auto wrecking industry. We do this by offering a variety of services. Our ultimate task is to streamline the vehicle selling process, making it easier and more convenient for everyone involved. Are you in the midst of being the owner of an automobile that can only be accurately described as trash? Get that wreck out of your life once and for all. How? By selling it to us! It doesn’t belong on your lawn, that’s for sure. And it most certainly doesn’t belong on your driveway. Where does it belong? At our salvage yard! And we will pay you very handsomely for it too.

Our purchasing habits aren’t limited entirely to the purchase of junk cars. It is also true that we are also keen on buying any other vehicle as well. We buy trucks, vans, Utes, SUV’s and 4×4’s. They don’t have to be junk either. They can be in great condition. Why would be refusing to buy a car that runs just fine if we already buy scrap cars? In fact, if your car is in good enough condition, we can pay up to $7000 for it.

Great Reasons to Choose Taha Car Buyers

When anyone types “cash for cars” into the search bar of their favourite search engine, they are going to get a gargantuan amount of results after they hit the enter key. But you won’t want to sell your junk car to just anyone. There are reasons why we are your best choice. Here they are:

  • Same day removal – If you have a vehicle that has to be sold as soon as possible, if you sell it to us, as soon as possible can be within 24 hours.
  • Price quotes are free – We accurately estimate the value of your vehicle for free, and with no obligation to accept our offer.
  • Top-notch customer service – We have skilled and friendly people working on the phones who will help you at the drop of a hat. Any questions or worries you are looking after with pleasure.
  • Cost free auto pick up – Seeing as your car is a junk vehicle, you won’t be able to drive it to our salvage yard. So we will pick it up instead. And at no extra cost to you!

Any make or model is accepted – The practice of specialising is something a lot of other cash for car services take part in. But not us. You will have no trouble selling us your car, whether it is a Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Toyota, BMW, Lexus, Chrysler, Honda, Daewoo, Subaru, General Motors, Holden, Isuzu, Kia, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, or any other make you can think of.

The Services We Offer

There is a variety of services on our “services we offer list.” Here they are:

Top Cash for Scrap Vehicles – It doesn’t matter what the size or shape of your junk car happens to be. We will buy it. Contact us today and you are sure to get a sweet offer.

Top Cash for Used Vehicles – Getting the best price for a vehicle, and selling it fast as well, is not easy. Here at Taha Car Buyers we are dedicated to the mission of making it easy. Call us today at 0800 113 136 to get all the info you need.

Top Cash for Second Hand Cars – Second hand cars are similarly difficult to exchange for maximum dollars in the space of an extremely short time. We make it simple. And we make it even faster to sell a second hand car than you need it to be.

Removal of Unwanted Vehicles – Is your car a broken down wreck? We don’t want you to attempt to drive it to our salvage yard. Nor will we ask you to hire a tow truck. We will do it for you for free.

Removal of Old Vehicles – That car outside your house that is no longer of any use to anyone due to the extreme damage it has taken on. You would be best to sell it. It might sound like this is hard to do with an old car, but you can sell it within one day and for nice cash. All you have to do is call us.

Contact us and Get Top Cash

It is now easier than ever to sell a car thanks to us here at Taha Car Buyers. Call us or visit our website to contact us! You will be glad you did.

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