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truck wrecking

Selling Used 4wd Truck in Christchurch

The truck is the work horse of the automobile family. They have rough lives full of wear and tear. When a truck finally shuffles off …

We buy BMW cars Christchurch 1 1

Wreck your BMW Cars, Trucks, Utes & SUVs @ Taha Car Buyers

You may have recently realised that the repairs required for your BMW to be road-worthy again add up to a higher amount than the car …

toyota rav 4 running

We buy Toyota Rav4 in any condition

Getting fast cash sometimes requires sacrificing your Toyota Rav4. But what if you need that cash by tomorrow? To sell a car that fast you …

cars parked Taha Auto

5 ways to sell your old car

So, you have started to feel that your beloved old vehicle is compromising with safety every time you use it. If you are having those …

Broken car buyers chch

Broken Car Removals Christchurch

Why Taha Car Buyers for Broken Vehicles? The amount of auto removal companies out there has become quite numerous over the years. Not all of …

4x4 parts

4×4 Parts Christchurch

Do you have an old or Secondhand 4WD? Does it need a few minor or major repairs? If you want to fix it and keep …

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions Taha car buyers

FAQ – Car Removal Service

Car removal companies are becoming more and more of an indispensable part of the community. It provides folk with the ability to be able to …

cash for scrap cars Online 1

Scrapping a Car Made Easier Online

If you are thinking about scrapping and disposing your old car, you will find limited options. However, not all of those options may be ethical …

tips Buying Used Auto Parts 300x157 1

Brief Guide to Buying Used Auto Parts

When it comes to keeping a vehicle running well for a long time, proper maintenance and service is vital. If you treat your vehicle properly …

taha auto banner

3 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Taha Car Buyers

Where do cars go when they are no longer in any shape to be driven, and are too expensive to fix? If you live in …

scrap car prices NZ 300x187 1

Find out How Much Your Scrap Car is Worth in NZ

While selling a scrap vehicle isn’t a complicated task, it is still a very good idea to determine an accurate assessment of your automobile’s value …

value your car free Christchruch
How to

How Taha Car Buyers Estimate the Value of your Car

Is selling your broken down, good for nothing, useless scrap car, on your list of things to do? Having this as a task can be …

cash for scrap cars Online 1
Scrap Car Buying

When to Scrap Your Car for Cash in Christchurch

One mission that many people don’t savour having to complete is the selling of an old car. Sell your car for cash because there is …

cash for scrap car christchurch
Scrap Car Buying

Scrap Car Buyers in Christchurch

Has your car earned itself the unfortunate distinction of being a vehicle that will never be driven again? Perhaps this is due to the fact …

Taha scrap truck buyer

Christchurch’s Number One Truck Buyers

Your truck has entered the scrap part of its journey through life. In other words, it is junk and you need to dispose of it …

Christchurch junk yards
How to

How Car Wrecking Scrap Yards Work in NZ

A car scrap yards are not at all similar in any way to the average auto-garage. The obvious reason why this is the case is …

isuzu truck ute wrecking
How to

How to Sell a Used Commercial Truck

Have you got a second hand commercial truck that you would love to sell? You may be fearful of putting it up for sale privately, …

scrap cars parts
How to

How buying parts from scrap yard can benefit you and the environment?

Usually all car owners need to visit a salvage yard at least once or twice in their lifetime. Auto salvage yards specialise in buying older, …

Toyota parts tahacarbuyers 300x157 1
Spare Parts

Toyota Parts & Accessories Christchurch

Are you in need to fix your old or current Toyota vehicle? The first thing you will probably do is check the cost of getting …

european old car buyers
Makes & Models

European Scrap Auto Wreckers | Free Removals Christchurch

Car manufacturers in Europe are famous for the level of luxury that their product introduces into the market. There can be no conversation about the …

Jap Car Buyers Parts CHCH
Makes & Models

Taha Japanese Scrap Car Buyers Christchurch | Free Pickup

If you have an old or worn-out Japanese vehicle sitting in your backyard, selling scrap car to wreckers is always the right decision. However, you will have …

isuzu truck ute wrecking
Makes & Models

Taha American Scrap Car Buyers | Free Removals

Have you got a car that is of the American variety? Perhaps it is a Chevrolet, or maybe it is a Ford. American car makes are great, …

cash for scrap cars Online
Scrap Car Buying

Top Scrap Car Prices at TAHA Cash for Cars Christchurch

No-one wants to own a scrap car, so if you currently do own one, you know how frustrating it is. But it doesn’t need to …

FAQ TahaCarBuyers

Taha Car Buyers Service FAQ

How do Taha Car Buyers serve their community as a business? If you have a vehicle that is not running, and repairs cost more than …

car removal christchurch

Scrap Car Recycling in Christchurch – How good it is for the Environment?

The amount of cars that are manufactured each year averages out at over seventy million. That is a lot of cars. It is probably safe …

Cash for Cars Christchurch NZ

Cash for Cars Oamaru – Free Scrap Car Removal

Anyone who needs to get a scrap car off their property, and likes to have some extra cash in their wallet, will love this. If …

car with blown engine
Car Problems

How to Sell Your Car with Blown Engine in Christchurch

When a vehicle’s engine fails for any reason, it is pretty much the automotive version of a cardiac arrest. And if a vehicle is old …

Sell truck fast

Top Cash for Truck Online within 24 hours!

Say that you looked at the different methods for selling trucks, and rated them by easiness. The option that involves the local Truck Wrecking Service in …

Cracked Engine Block
Car Problems

How Much Does it Cost to Replace or Repair a Cracked Engine Block?

There are many contenders for worst mechanical calamity to befall an automobile of any kind. High on the list has to be the cracked engine block. …

car wrecked after accident
Car Problems

How Accidents Affect a Car’s Value?

There is no doubt that the value of every vehicle depreciates dramatically. But this gets awful after your vehicle gets smashed in an accident. Even if it …

cashforcar scam
Car Problems

How to Avoid Cash for Car Scams in Christchurch

Car scrap yards that buy scrap vehicles for a living are often referred to as cash for car. And there are a lot of them out there. …

Top cash for cars Christchurch

How to get top cash for your car in Christchurch

scrap car value CHCH

How Scrap Car Prices in Christchurch are affected by Scrap Metal

How does one decide on how much a scrap car is worth in Christchurch? This is an interesting question, and it turns out that answering it …

Why Choose Auto Wreckers Christchurch
Car Problems

5 Benefits of Hiring Car Wreckers in Christchurch

Broken car burning side of road
Car Problems

What to do when your Car is Broken Down and Repairs are Too Expensive

If you are going through difficult times, the last thing you need to add to your plate is a broken-down car. Especially if you are …

Otago car removals
Car Problems

Signs of a Failing Clutch

If you own a car, you would want to know if the clutch was going bad, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. So it is …

car issues 1
Car Problems

The Ten Most Common Bothersome Issues that Plague Automobiles

Owning an automobile certainly makes a difference in a person’s life, compared to not owning one. The amount of personal freedom is unparalleled. That freedom …

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