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Mazda is one of the most legendary Japanese brands of automobile to ever grace New Zealand’s roads. Here at Taha Car Buyers, we love the Mazda in all its incarnations. If anyone comes to us offering to sell a Mazda, we make no hesitations in snapping it up straight away. Our Mazda Wreckers Christchurch crew always eager to offer the best price for your Mazda vehicles.

When a Mazda is first purchased, it is hard to believe that one day it will be a clunker. At some point in the future it will be relegated to the scrap category of automobile. When this happens, the owner of said Mazda is going to need a way to sell it. Because normal car buyers buy them to drive. If you live in Auckland, we will buy that Mazda off you!

Up to $7000 Cash for Mazda Vehicles

We have been buying scrap vehicles for a long time, and pride ourselves in the fact that we are performing an important service. Not just to our customers, but to the environment. And we pay more than any of our competitors, paying up to $7’000 for scrap Mazda’s depending on what condition they are in. However, this can go up to $15’000 for used Mazda trucks, work vans and SUV’s in good condition. At Taha Car Buyers, top cash for car is well assured.

Christchurch’s Number One Wreckers of Mazda’s

There isn’t a single Mazda in existence that we wouldn’t buy if it is offered to us. Maybe your Mazda’s transmission has blown. Transmissions are incredibly expensive to have repaired or replaced. The same goes for engines. If it is going to cost you more to repair your Mazda then the Mazda is worth, it is a clunker. We are here to make it easy to sell these old cars.

Best Mazda Wreckers Offer Free Car Removal Service

Why are we the best? It could be the fact that we will remove your Mazda from your property free of any charge. Other companies insist on making the customer pay. Either by hiring a separate company to tow it, or by paying less for the vehicle in question.

Light Commercial Mazda Trucks & Work Vans

Get up to $15’000 cash for Mazda trucks, Vans & SUVs or commercial trucks. We are taking pride of wrecking unwanted trucks in any condition. We dismantle and recycle all sizes of Mazda vehicles.

Used Mazda Parts & Accessories

Do you need a second hand or aftermarket part for your Mazda vehicle? Feel free to get in touch and find the availability with us. Get an affordable spare parts with limited warranty. We buy Mazda cars, dismantle them for parts, dispose the unwanted materials and finally recycle the metal.

Sell Any Mazda Model | Dead or Alive

It is no fun trying to sell a Mazda to an auto wrecking company, only for them to reject it because it is the wrong model. You won’t find any of that sort of carry on here at Taha Car Buyers. We will buy your Mazda regardless of the model’s name. Here is a list if you are not yet convinced:

  • Mazda MPV Minivan
  • Verisa Subcompact car
  • Carol Kei car
  • Tribute
  • Bongo
  • Biante
  • RX-8
  • AZ-Wagon
  • Spiano
  • Laputa
  • Familia
  • Capella
  • Luce Legato
  • CX-9
  • CX-7
  • Premacy
  • Persona
  • CX-5
  • CX-4
  • CX-3
  • Titan
  • BT-50
  • Flair
  • Scrum.

List of Mazda vehicle

Instant Cash for Car Quotes Available

How do you get the ball rolling once you have decided, correctly, to sell your Mazda to us? It is simple. Contact us by calling us up at 0800 113 136. Or, alternatively you can take advantage of the online instant quote form that we have on our website. Simply tell us what the model is, how old your Mazda happens to be, along with the level of disrepair or damage. We will then take those details and prepare a quote in no time at all. Take charge now and get the best cash deal for your Mazda!

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