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How Car Wrecking Scrap Yards Work in NZ

A car scrap yards are not at all similar in any way to the average auto-garage. The obvious reason why this is the case is the fact that one fixes cars, while the other dismantles them. They perform a very important recycling service to their respective communities. Vehicles require recycling just like any other form of waste once its time is up.

However, when you throw large amounts of trash out at your local dump these days, it tends to cost money. In the case of car disposal, you actually get some decent cash from the proceeds. If you thirst for knowledge on what happens to your average vehicle at the auto wrecking yards, continue reading.

Top Cash for Scrap Cars

If you want to scrap your car for cash then you must need to contact scrap car buyer in your region. It is normal for people to fall prey to common misconceptions. And this is just as true for the disposal of cars that can only be described as junk, due to the state that they are in. Many folk have the idea in their heads that if a vehicle is useless for any reason, it will also be worthless. False.

If you have a vehicle that has taken on a ridiculous amount of damage or disrepair, it will most certainly not be worthless. In fact, it will be the opposite of that.

Save the Environment by Selling Your Unwanted Car to Dismantlers

What does this mean for anyone who has an automobile of the kind that most people would call a pile of junk? It means that they have the means to sell that vehicle. Which will come as a life-saver. Cars that can no longer be driven are not good for the environment. And leaving a vehicle outside on your lawn or driveway, which is often what people do, will hurt the local wildlife and plantlife. Having an incentive to get rid of your car is great.

Free Wrecked Car Removals

The junk auto removal industry is large and sprawling. Any particular town will have a handful of companies providing the area with their expertise. This creates healthy competition, and could be a reason for why some of them opt to provide free broken car removals. Of course, other companies will require their customers to get the junk car in question on their own dime.

It is up to the individual whether at the end of the day they want more money or not. It is advised that before selling a vehicle to an auto wrecker, you see whether they offer free pickup.

What Car Wreckers Do

So, the car has been removed from the property of the owner at no cost to them. Now it is at the Wrecking yard. What fate awaits it? It will go through a few different procedures. But nothing can be done until the first procedure is completed. This is where the car is drained. Every last drop of fluid is taken out of the car and stored for future re-use. And there are a few different kinds of fluid present, including engine oil, coolant, anti-freeze, brake fluid, battery acid, and so forth.

If the fluids under discussion right now weren’t drained, they would simply get everywhere on the yard floor, to be hosed down at some point. They would end up going down the drain and into the waterways, by which time they would be classified as pollutants. The local wildlife and plantlife would suffer.

Vehicle Dismantling for Parts

The next stage is the dismantling stage. It involves taking all the parts from the car that are in good enough condition for future use and adding them to second hand car part stock. Parts that are in bad condition are given the opposite treatment. They will go to the scrap metal yards to be recycled as scrap metal.

Ultimately, everything gets re-used and recycled. After all the components have been removed, including the tyresbattery, and so forth, there will be a remaining shell. It is crushed, shredded, and all the different metals are separated from the plastics, glass and rubber using a magnet. This might be done at a separate scrap metal plant, or at the same place.

The company makes its money by selling used parts and scrap metals, along with tyres. Often they make so much money, they can afford to pay good prices to the people who sell them the scrap cars in the first place.

How to Sell Your Car to the Auto Wrecker

It may go against your intuition to be selling a car that is of no use to anyone. After all, who would buy a car that they can’t drive? However, you now know the answer to that question. And it is your local auto wrecking company. They will buy it. So, how do you go about selling to them? The first step is to contact them. You can do so via one of two methods. Calling them up on the phone or contacting them online.

How to Get the Most for your Junk Car

Contact scrap auto dismantlers nearby, they will ask you for all the specific details pertaining to your vehicle that make it unique. This will mean that you should make sure that you have some info ready to give over the phone or online when filling out a quote request form. The company will need to know the age, model, make and condition your car is in. It is important because they will be using that info to ascertain how much your vehicle is worth.

Find more useful information about what to do before selling a car to the wreckers.

No Obligations to Get The Scrap Car Valuation

Best Cash for Cars Company will offer the quote for free, with no pressure for you to accept it. If you do accept it, you have moved one step closer to getting top cash. All that needs to be done now is for you to arrange with them for a time to have them turn up and look at the vehicle in person. They then furnish you with a second offer based on their look at the vehicle in person, you accept it, get paid, and they leave with the vehicle in tow.

How long does it take to scrap a car?

Generally, it takes only 15 to 20 minutes to tow your scrap car away. However, the complete scrap car buying process takes less than a day to complete. Now that’s how you sell cars, fast!


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