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Are you looking to sell an old, used, working or not-working vehicle? Why do you want to waste your efforts and time when you can seek aid from “Taha Car Buyers” team in Christchurch. We are the leading name when people think of selling their vehicles quickly in the South Island, NZ. We are different because we offer the free car valuation online or on the phone for the vehicles in any condition. The type of vehicles can be cars, trucks, Utes, 4x4s or even commercial trucks.

For more than twenty years we have been serving the local communities living in Christchurch and its surrounding areas. We offer attractive prices to buy and remove unwanted, old and damaged automobiles all through the South Island.

Why get a “value of car” from us?

  • We pay the top price for your car;
  • “Taha car buyers” team is NZ local, cooperative and trustworthy;
  • We totally invest in our customer satisfaction experience more than anything;
  • We offer the instant quotes with no obligation;
  • We are easy to contact. Either you can give us a free call @ 0800 113 136 or email us @ info@tahacarbuyers.co.nz.

We are the leading car buying company in Christchurch. We guarantee to pay maximum money for vehicles. This is why no other company is able to beat our fair cash assessments. We have a talented and professional team which provides flexible and rapid car removal service. We service across the South Island, nice pick up junk vehicles and paying top money. Doesn’t matter if you want a quick auto removal from. We cover the regions like Christchurch, Marlborough, Ashburton, Otago, Dunedin, Hurunui, Kaikoura and the rest of the Southland, New Zealand.

Our car valuation experts are trusted to give the best estimates. As they have the expertise to analyze a vehicle’s worth precisely and generously. Whether you want to sell a brand new or old automobile we will guarantee you a competitive price. Want to make an enquiry today? Just dial the toll free number or fill up a quote form.

The credentials that we use to estimate a worth of the car

There are basically three main aspects that we consider in determining a fair price for any automobile. They are mainly its make, model, year of manufacturing, odometer reading and condition because the car history checks are an essential part of our process. This last feature plays a crucial role in identifying a genuine and accurate value of a vehicle. After all the level of deterioration or damage in an automobile help us in assessing its true worth. This means if it is working well with just a few minor scratches or dents on its body. We will definitely offer you a top dollar quote. Otherwise, you can expect to get a slightly lower value if it is broken or written off.

In addition to above discussed factors we also consider to identify the value of working parts in a vehicle. That’s why, our experts thoroughly check every make and model before removing it. They have a good look at all the parts which can be easily recondionted for use in already working automobiles.

Value your car FREE – 100% Best Price guarantee

We like to help people who struggle to sell their old or broken vehicles for decent money. Hence, it is our main goal to satisfy every client that we come across. In order to keep our sale process absolutely effortless we give top-rate quotes over the phone and our website. We are proposing the best way to get the car valuation online. Please make sure to leave accurate details about your wheels when you complete our online inquiry form.

Quotes are the first step to sell your car fast

The folks who have used our services trust us for getting unbeatable and generous money offers. This is highly encouraging us to remain honest with our customers and provide the top dollar estimates. You don’t need to put any hard efforts to get a free car valuation from our specialists. It is a very easy and effortless process.

Just connect with our experience and gracious team. Make sure to tell us a brief description of your automobile’s condition. Along with other basic details like its make, model, manufacturing year and distance travelled so far. Once you do it our expert appraisers will be able to provide you a precise assessment in just a few minutes or so. This is definitely a much better way to know the fair value of your wheels. Instead of depending on the typical car valuation tool. As they ignore the condition factor and only consider the basic details for offering assessment.

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