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European Scrap Auto Wreckers | Free Removals Christchurch

Car manufacturers in Europe are famous for the level of luxury that their product introduces into the market. There can be no conversation about the best makes and models of vehicle without anyone saying any one of the many iconic brands. So, no-one can blame the owner of one of these great car makes for being a bit overly sad when their vehicle breaks down for good. Least of all us here at Taha Car Buyers. What better reason could we have for paying more for European car makes than anyone else in town is willing to pay?

How much do you get for scrapping a European car?

We operate our superior European automobiles buying services through-out the Christchurch & the rest of South Island regions. Which is great news for anyone in Canterbury who has a BMW, Audi, Volkswagen or any other such make that is in scrap condition. We pay up to $13’000 Cash for European cars and even more for larger vehicle types. This includes trucks and 4wd Utes, not to mention vans and SUV’s. Whether you live in Southland, Kaikoura, Ashburton, Dunedin or Christchurch, we will be there.

Why Scrap My Euro Vehicle?

There is no reason for your scrap vehicle to be sitting there, taking up space on your property. You could be using that space for better things. Get in touch with us by calling 0800 113 136. We will tell you how much your car is worth via a free quote. When we buy your car we will also provide you with free removal.

Scrap BMW Dismantlers | Buyers | Wreckers | Recyclers

Among the most sought after vehicle brands out there, the BMW is the very definition of automotive elegance. But this isn’t the story once the vehicle in question shuffles off its mortal coil for good. At that stage, it is no more than a giant waste of space.

But here at Taha Car Buyers, we know exactly what to do with it. First we need to pay you top cash for it, though! We will buy your BMW regardless of what condition it is in, and remove it free of charge.

Whether the model is Coupe, Z1 Roadster, E34, E70 X5, E34, E46, E38, or any other BMW model you can add to that list from your own memory, we can buy it off you. And it will be such a fast sale that your head will be left spinning.

Scrap Audi Dismantlers | Buyers | Wreckers | Recyclers

People don’t only sell us their automobiles because the car has broken down permanently. Sometimes their vehicle, whether it is an Audi or something else, is just fine. But they need to get some fast money due to unexpected expenses arising. This is another area of concern that is solved perfectly by contacting Audi Wreckers at Taha Car Buyers.

We provide the quickest method for selling Audi’s or BMW’s or any other kind of car. We will buy your automobile even if it is in the highest level of disrepair that you have ever seen a car in. All models, including such models as A6, Sport Back, Audi TT Roadster, A3, Quattro, Audi 80, and all the other Audi models that exist.

Scrap Volkswagen Dismantlers | Buyers | Wreckers | Recyclers

Is your lawn currently home to a Volkswagen that has long since given up the ghost? Perhaps it is the driveway that is providing this service to the vehicle in question. It doesn’t matter what area of your property is playing the role of junk car enabler. You need to get rid of that vehicle as quickly as you can. And there is no faster way to sell any kind of vehicle than to sell it to us VW Wreckers at Taha Car Buyers.

We pay more cash for Volkswagens than any other company in all of the Christchurch area. In fact, if your Volkswagen is in good enough condition it stands a likelihood of getting up to $13’000. We won’t turn down any Volkswagen because it is in bad enough condition, however. If your Volkswagen is in such a bad state that there are no parts on it that can be re-used or sold second hand, it is still worth money via the materials that it is made out of. We will purchase any Volkswagen model, which includes the 300 SEL, W168, 300 E, 200, 560 SEC, SL Class, W126, 500SE, 300 TD, and so forth.

Scrap Mercedes Benz Dismantlers | Buyers | Wreckers | Recyclers

Another brand of automobile that we want to wreck is the Mercedes Benz. We will only do so after buying it from a willing seller, though. And only for the purpose of recycling. We love to buy old Mercedes Benz cars so much that we have a maximum of $13’000 that we are willing to pay. This is a great incentive for owners of old Mercedes Benzes to sell their cars to us.

All models are accepted onto our salvage yard. No model is left behind. We will buy a W126, W168, 300E, 300 SEL, 560 SEC, 300 TD, SL Class, and all the rest of them. As well as getting to you where-ever you live in the Canterbury area, we will also make sure that you aren’t charged a cent for the removal of your car.

Second Hand European Auto Parts Christchurch

It is always important to have a way to source used parts that aren’t going to cost you the whole bank. And you want to do this without having to resort to buying parts that fall apart on you mere moments after you install them on the vehicle. Well, if you live in Christchurch, this is going to be not only possible, but inevitable. Because Taha Car Buyers are the number one leading seller of used parts in Christchurch of the highest quality.

We choose parts from scrap cars that are in the best possible condition. We refurbish them, recondition them, test them, and put them through all of this so that we know they are going to be the best. Get in contact with us and tell us what part you need, and you will be able to buy it at the most affordable price in town!

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