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Anyone who needs to get a scrap car off their property, and likes to have some extra cash in their wallet, will love this. If they live in Oamaru (largest town in North Otago), they can easily sell their vehicle regardless of what condition it is in. Do you have a vehicle that broke down for the last time? Now is your chance to not only rid your life from that waste of space, but make some money out of it! How? By contacting Car Wreckers Oamaru at Taha Car Buyers!

Service List @ Taha Car Wreckers Oamaru

  • Scrap Car, Truck, Commercial Van, Ute, 4×4 and SUV buyers
  • Unwanted Auto recycling
  • Free removal of scrap vehicles
  • Instant cash payment on the spot
  • Free car valuation quotes
  • Top quality used parts

We have been in this industry for many years, so you know we are able to execute our expertise with maximum efficiency. The amount of vehicles that we have wrecked is in the thousands. This means that our used parts inventory is bursting at the seams with top quality components that are in the best condition. They are also affordable.

Taha Car Dismantlers Oamaru Buy Any Brand or Model

A lot of cash for car companies like ours will do something known as specialisation. This means that they don’t buy all different makes and models, instead choosing to focus on a selected few. Some may only buy one make. However, here at Taha Car Buyers, our Our Cash for Cars Oamaru team want every last resident of Oamaru to have access to a means for selling their scrap cars. Which is why there is no limit on the kind of vehicles that we buy.


Sell Your Car FAST in Any Condition

Perhaps your car was in a flood, and every component has been water damaged. Maybe it was in a fire. Has it met severe misfortune on the road? Whatever the condition your car is in, we will not turn it down. Instead, we will welcome it onto our car wrecking yard in Christchurch with open arms. Our Cash for Cars Oamaru crew will buy any vehicle regardless of what condition it is in. If there are no parts that are salvageable, we can still recycle them as scrap materials!

More details on NZTA.

Get Yourself a Free Quote + Free Car Removal Oamaru

If you desire the knowledge of how much your vehicle is worth, we will be more than happy to help you out. We will just need you to contact us by either calling us up at 0800 113 136 or filling out this quote request form we have on the main page of our website.

Tell us about your car including what make it is, its model, age and the condition that it is in. We can then give you a free quote! As soon as you accept our offer, we will book the free car removal service from Oamaru straightaway.

So, what are you waiting for? Get top cash for your car today!

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