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How to Avoid Cash for Car Scams in Christchurch

Car scrap yards that buy scrap vehicles for a living are often referred to as cash for car. And there are a lot of them out there. Some of them are not as good as the others. Some of them don’t provide free removal. Others will specialise in one brand of vehicle. Many of them offer much less for cars than they should. It can be a struggle choosing the company who will be the best fit for your needs. Cash for car scams should n’t be happening if we can be aware of the real facts.

One of the most annoying problems with scrap car buying companies is that a lot of them employ scams in order to pay much less for cars. Let’s take a look at some of those scams, shall we?

Tricks that Some Auto Wreckers Use

One scam that the less honest auto wrecker will use is to not transfer the ownership title from your name to theirs. If the vehicle is still in your name, it may feel as though you have the advantage. But you don’t. And now the car’s liability belongs to you. You will have to pay any fees that the car incurs. If you refuse, the auto wrecking yard can take the issue to the courts.

You should also be concerned if a cash for car service provider doesn’t pay money on the spot. When you don’t have the cash in hand before they leave with your automobile, you run the risk of them paying you less later on than you agreed on.

Choose the Trustworthy Auto Wrecking Company

If you want the best, and you live in Christchurch or one of its surrounding areas, you should sell your car to the area’s most reputable company. That would be Taha Car Buyers. We are the superior scrap car buyers. We have been in the business for many years and care most about our customers. There are some great reasons:

  • You will be offered a very accurate and generous amount of money for your scrap car, based on its details. Those details include the vehicle’s condition, how old it is, and the manufacturer and model.
  • The crew at Taha Car Buyers will come over and pay you on the spot before we go about hauling the vehicle back to the scrap yard in Christchurch.

Environmentally Friendly Dismantling Service

Taha Car Buyers aren’t only famous for being reputable and reliable. Or for paying the most cash out of all our competitors. We are also in the habit of using the most environmentally friendly methods for recycling cars. There are hazardous chemicals contained within all cars, including scrap cars. And these chemicals are in the form of fluids such as coolant, antifreeze and brake fluid.

We will leak out and get into the surrounding environment, and when this happens all the time it all adds up and wreaks havoc on the local plant and wild-life.

Sell your Scrap Car to Taha Car Buyers

At Taha Car Buyers, we propose the best way to sell your car for cash. We can be contacted by calling them by phone (0800 113 136) or by completing an online form. You will be glad that you did.


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