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What to do when your Car is Broken Down and Repairs are Too Expensive

If you are going through difficult times, the last thing you need to add to your plate is a broken-down car. Especially if you are in between jobs or have some form of the massive debt that you are paying off. A vehicle is such an important asset to have, and you will be in desperate need of some money to get your car fixed properly.

Have you had a mishap on the road recently? Road accidents can affect a car’s value and sometimes it can go below the actual worth of the vehicle.

Can Vehicle Repair be Free?

Sure, you have an amazing credit history and are always on time with debt re-payments. But you don’t want to add to that existing debt in any way, do you? This goes double when the interest rate for any money owed is at an unreasonably high level.

If you do happen to have a less than desirable credit history, you won’t even be granted the small luxury of a loan. Your chances of affording this much-needed auto-repairs seem vanishingly small.

If only there were such things as free vehicle repair. But, as we all already know, nothing in life is free. Even if you get a friend or family member to repair your car for you, now you owe them a huge favor. And if they know they are doing the job for free, they might not put as much effort into the job as they otherwise should. So, what is the solution to this incredibly annoying conundrum? Let’s look into it, shall we?

Fixing your Broken Car isn’t the Only Option

When you are in a financial situation that is far below what can be viewed as the very minimum that is required to be called “ideal,” repair may not be the only solution. In fact, repair costs can sometimes reach figures that can be described as “astronomical,” regardless of how old or new the car is. This is true for all cars, even the cheapest of the vehicle isn’t immune to this phenomenon.

Let’s look at an example. Say that you have a rust bucket of a car, but it has been working just fine. And then it starts to regularly stall at the traffic lights. No big deal, you think, let’s just take it to the mechanic and spend a few hundred dollars to fix it. But while at the shop, the mechanic turns around and informs you that the problem is with the transmission. Your heart sinks as they go on to describe the cost of thousands that will be needed to fix your car.

Another example can be the engine. Your car has failed to start a couple of times before you headed off to work at the start of the day. It can’t be anything more than a flat battery, you think. But it is so much more than that. It is the engine, and again, the cost is in the thousands. If you avoid fixing it then you could face an engine failure or seized engine problems. Selling a car with Blown Engine is not easy when you do it privately.

Who will Fix Your Car?

When your car has run into a spot of terrible fortune, you should get a few different quotes on how much repairs will cost. Jumping at the chance to have your car repaired by the first mechanic you talk to may end up with you paying far more than you should. The truth of the matter is, however, that it may just turn out that your car isn’t worth fixing.

If you simply aren’t in the financial position to pay for getting your car repaired, it is time to go on the search for alternative solutions.

Is Selling My Broken Car a Viable Alternative Solution?

Perhaps your bank is currently in the red. This might mean that you won’t be paying any large amounts of money for your car at any near time in the future. But if you think that you can afford the regular small payments on a new second-hand car, you should go ahead. If you have found a car that is in good enough condition to drive and it only costs a few hundred dollars. You can get that money by selling you’re currently broken down vehicle. This is a solution that will cause a lot less hassle than the mad struggle to find the money for repairs.

If you buy a new vehicle and your credit is fine, you can get one with a down payment of merely $1500. Even less for a used vehicle. If you are keen, it will be possible to locate a dealer somewhere. Who wants to cut you some slack and help you out. Selling your old automobile for some fast money will only help you towards this end.

Top Cash for Accidentally Damaged Cars & Free Broken Car Collection Christchurch Wide

This is the point where you may want to find out how much your current clunker is worth. Here at Taha Car Buyers, we have a great way to do exactly that. Our online method is quick and easy. All you need to do is navigate to the main page of our website where you can locate the free quote form. Fill it out with your car’s make and model as well as its age and condition. We will shoot a free quote in your direction as quickly as possible!

Trade-in Broken Car with Best Cash Value

Feel free to get quotes from other companies, as this is good practice. And there is no obligation attached to our quote, so you aren’t obliged to sell to us at all! However, if you decide to sell to us, we will be over to your place to pay you and pick the car up on the same day.

How to Sell a Broken Car in Christchurch?

There is no easy fix when your car has broken down and you are strapped for cash. However, Taha Car Buyers are dedicated to helping you in any way we can. We don’t operate like other junkyards, and will not offer you a pittance for your vehicle. We will not try and negotiate the price down. Instead, we will pay you top cash that you can then use to buy yourself a replacement vehicle. This is our promise!


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