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Have you got a car that is of the American variety? Perhaps it is a Chevrolet, or maybe it is a Ford. American car makes are great, but no amount of greatness can help them to avoid permanent break-down. This is the fate of all automobiles. It is important that everyone has a way to sell their vehicle once it reaches this stage. For the folk living in Christchurch and its surrounding areas, this someone is us here at Taha Car Buyers!

The fact of the matter is that scrap cars are an incredibly hard sell when using normal avenues. People who are searching the private market for a vehicle to buy want one that they can drive. Scrap cars don’t fit that description. So, if you have an American make of vehicle, and it is a clunker, get in touch with us and we will buy it off you in a heartbeat.

The sale will take less than a day, and you are guaranteed to get the best cash for car deal possible. The maximum we pay for vehicles is $15’000. If you want to learn more, or get a free quote, feel free to drop us a line! You can contact us on the internet via our website’s quote request form, or you can simply call us on the phone. The number to call is 0800 113 136.

General Motors Wreckers & Removals Christchurch

Perhaps you have been in ownership of a vehicle that was manufactured by the good folk at General Motors. Congratulations! But if that automobile is in such bad condition that it is okay to assume that it is junk, have no fear. There is no need to leave it on your lawn, taking up a ridiculous amount of space. Instead, you should take action and make plans to sell it. Don’t worry, as it is actually still worth money, no matter how badly damaged it currently is.

There is a common misconception about our buying habits that needs to be cleared up now. People think we only buy some General Motors models, but the truth is that we buy them all. If you have a Hummer that is trash, and needs selling, we will buy it! The same goes for such models as OldsmobileChevroletCadillacBuick, and the list goes on. One thing we will not do is charge you for the removal of your car.

Ford Wreckers & Removals Christchurch

If you were tasked with finding a more well-known automobile manufacturing brand than Ford, you would be forgiven for failing spectacularly. So many people out there have either owned a Ford at some point in their lives, or will one day, that it boggles the mind. All this does, however, is confirm that there are a lot scrap Fords that need recycling sitting on driveways and lawns all over the globe. If one of these lawns is yours, and you live in the South Island, you should contact our Ford Wreckers at Taha Car Buyers.

We never turn down models of any particular make of car, and Ford is no exception to this rule. We want all Ford models to feel welcome at our salvage yard. They all deserve a good recycling, including Ford Continentals, Mustangs, Focus, Fiesta’s, Mercuries, trucks, and any more you can add to that list. Up to $12’000 is the maximum we will pay for a Ford in good condition. And we provide a removal service that will not cost you a cent.

Chrysler Wreckers & Removals Christchurch

Your Chrysler may have been your pride and joy at one point of your ownership of it. But now that it sits on your driveway, growing rust and making your property look like a dump, this isn’t the case. Instead, it is a source of deep shame. You want to get rid of it. But you don’t want to go through all the hassle of having to dispose of such a huge piece of junk.

Well, it turns out that it only takes one day to do and you don’t have to lift a finger. Get in touch with us here at Christchurch car wreckers and we will do all the work. And that includes paying you up to $15’000!

The cost of removal is zero dollars. We will not discriminate against your car for any reason whatsoever. We take cars that are in the worst conditions, and we buy Chryslers regardless of what the model happens to be. So, you could be looking to sell an Aspen, or a Viper, Sigma, Cruiser, Alpine, Pacifica, Prowler, Dynasty, Regal, or any other type of Chrysler. We will buy it, and offer free car removal in Christchurch.

Tesla Wreckers & Removals Christchurch

Tesla cars have been getting a lot of buzz lately. Being a relatively new make of car means that you won’t be worrying about your Tesla dying from old age any time soon. However, there are other ways for vehicles to become junk. Perhaps you have had a bad accident and your prized Tesla is totalled and written off. What a shame. You need to sell it to us and get a good price for your scrap Tesla. We will pay up to $20’000 for it. Any model, any condition. To get a free quote, contact us online or give us a call. We will even remove it from your property free of any charge.

American Car Parts Christchurch, South Island, NZ

If your American brand car, Ute, 4×4, truck, SUV or van needs a part replacement, you may be wondering who sells the best parts for the lowest prices. The answer to that question fits the theme of this blog post quite nicely. It is us here at Taha Car Buyers! We choose top quality used car parts for recycling via the sale of them second hand. Give us a buzz and we will have the part you need with 30-90 day guarantees for selected parts as well.

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