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How Scrap Car Prices in Christchurch are affected by Scrap Metal

How does one decide on how much a scrap car is worth in Christchurch? This is an interesting question, and it turns out that answering it isn’t simple. There are quite a few considerations that need to be looked at. The most obvious one being why it is a scrap car. The parts on it that can be salvaged and the parts that can’t be saved will have a tremendous impact on its value. If the engine is kaput, this can save thousands of its value.

Other factors include the car’s age, how many Km’s it has travelled, what brand manufactured it, along with its model.

Getting the Top Cash for your Scrap Car

When one sells a scrap car they usually don’t sell it via the normal methods. The private market requires that a car be in good working order or no-one will want to buy it. This is why we have auto wreckers. They are the ones who will pick up the slack, so to speak, and buy the vehicles that society doesn’t want.

What do they want with scrap cars? They will be looking for used parts to sell and make a living. Your average scrap car will be full of them. Parts that aren’t in good enough condition to fill this role still get to play a part as well, as their raw materials can be recycled.

Determining How Much a Scrap Car is Worth

The age of the car is important to consider, as the older they are the more wear and tear they will have taken on. Also, the older they are the less advanced their technology is in some cases. The make and model is a factor as some are more popular than others, dictating how much in demand they will be, and therefore how much they can be sold for.

The condition the car is in is a factor as well, as has been explained earlier. The weight in scrap metal will also be something that is taken into account as there will be parts that cannot be sold second hand. They will need to be properly recycled at a plant where this kind of thing happens.

Make Sure You get the Best Price for your Junk Vehicle

You can either part your car out or sell it to the auto wrecking company nearest to you. Parting it out will get you more money because you will be doing what the auto wreckers do. But unfortunately, most people don’t have the skills, expertise, equipment, space or time to do this. That is why there are auto wrecking companies, or everyone would do it themselves.

To choose the best scrap car recycling in Christchurch, call up a few and get various different price quotes on your car. Find out what their services are and see which ones offer free removal. This is the best road you can travel if you aren’t prepared to do it yourself, which most people aren’t. Good luck!


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