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3 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Taha Car Buyers

Where do cars go when they are no longer in any shape to be driven, and are too expensive to fix? If you live in Christchurch or anywhere in the South Island of NZ, they go to Taha Car Buyers. You may be thinking that the owner of the car will be missing out on the value of all the parts on the car that can still be re-used. But Taha Car Buyers will actually be buying the car to the company in question. So this is a win-win situation. And the Taha Car Buyers will also be providing free car removal service.

More about Taha Car Buyers

Christchurch’s Number One Car Wreckers

Taha Car Buyers care a lot about their customers. So much that we want to make it as easy as we possibly can for our customers to get good cash for their old cars. In order to facilitate this, we have decided to buy all cars regardless of make or model. Even the condition that the car is in will make no difference as to whether we will buy it or not.

We will buy a vehicle whether it is severely damaged via crash, or is so old that multiple parts are failing due to wear and tear.

It is Extremely Easy to get a Top Cash for Car

There is no easier method for selling a car. All you have to do is follow these four simple steps in order to get the broken car removals @ Taha Car Buyers. Here they are:

  1. Contact us with your car’s details and get a free quote
  2. We come to your place and look at your car in person, before offering a final amount.
  3. You get paid up front.
  4. The car is hauled off back to the salvage yard, free of charge.

Call Taha Car Buyers at 0800 113 136 or go to the main page of their website and fill out the quote request form. We will get back to you as fast as we can with your free quote. There are no obligations at all attached to it either.

You Are Helping the Environment

When you sell your old permanently broken down car to us, your car is going to be recycled. The parts are going to be re-used and all the materials that can’t be re-used are recycled. This is great for the environment as it means that demand for metals to be mined will be reduced. Mining is generally much worse for the environment than simple recycling.

We will also be sure to drain the toxic and environmentally harmful fluids from the car before dismantling it. This ensures that these fluids don’t get into the wildlife and plantlife.

So, if you need to get rid of a scrap car, and you live anywere in the South island, NZ, your best bet really is to get in touch with Taha Car Buyers. You will get the best cash deal, and will be helping the planet as well. So contact us today and do yourself a favour!

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