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The Ten Most Common Bothersome Issues that Plague Automobiles

Owning an automobile certainly makes a difference in a person’s life, compared to not owning one. The amount of personal freedom is unparalleled. That freedom doesn’t come for free, though. Sure, you have to buy the car in the first place, which is certainly a massive spending splash. But, as we all know, the cost doesn’t end there. You have to keep on paying money for these car issues in order to keep the car running. Fuel will cost you a regular amount of dollars, and so will regular maintenance, including repairs.

There is no way around this spending. If you want your car to run, it has to have fuel. And if you want it to be safe to drive, you also need to have regular check-ups. What kind of problems are you trying to avoid? Let’s find out!

  1. Radiator Leakages

Corrosion is what causes a radiator to begin leaking. Corrosion can be kept at bay with proper maintenance. However, sometimes it can simply be because of a factory defect, or it may be all due to fluid that is contaminated somehow. Don’t patch the leakage up, get the entire radiator replaced. Patching it up will not do the job. It will only be like a band-aid. It is in fact almost literally a band-aid on the problem, if you stop to think about it. Don’t stop to think about it though. Time is of the essence here. Get the problem fixed at your mechanic’s place of business!

  1. Uneven Tyre Tread

The tyres need to have a certain amount of tread on them or else they are literally illegal. People have died on the road because their tyres were bald. Less tread means your car has less grip on the road and can skid out. Look up the twenty-cent test. It will help you to ensure that your car’s tyres have the correct depth of tread.

  1. Worn Down Brake Pads

Possibly the most important life-saving safety features that is also important for a car’s functionality. All automobiles need to be able to stop. Not being able to stop would spell certain death for the occupants of any vehicle. What better reason for wanting to keep your brakes in optimal condition? The fact of the matter is that the brakes are used constantly when driving, so they wear down fast. They tend to need replacement every 80,000 Km.

  1. Over-Consumption of Oil

Your car needs a certain amount of oil in it. The parts that are moving are going to be subject to wear and tear. Oil reduces the effects of regular friction and wear and tear. There is a certain amount of oil consumption that is perfectly normal. But if your car’s oil levels are falling all the time at a much higher rate than it should, the oil may be leaking.

  1. Windshield Crack or Cracks

Many people have experienced being in a car and having a stone hit the windshield. It usually causes a small chip to appear, which if left alone, will slowly get bigger and bigger. Getting it fixed is easy!

  1. Problems with the Emissions System

Modern cars have systems in them that ensure your car’s emission levels are safe for the environment. These systems use sensitive equipment that includes 02 sensors. These are components that keep the amount of oxygen in your petrol at a proper and correct percentage. When these car issues are in any way out of whack, you may find that your car doesn’t pass its next WOF.

  1. Evaporative Leaks

What are evaporative leaks? There are vents inside the car that are there in order to provide the petrol tank with a means to vent excess gas, and avoid build-up of pressure. This is the most important when summer heat causes and expansion of the tank. If there is some kind of problem with the venting system, this means that toxic gasses are escaping and polluting the air. It may just be a loose cap. This is something to check next time your check engine warning light illuminates itself.

  1. Transmission

Your car’s transmission performs an important job. What job is this? Your car’s engine creates energy. That energy needs to be transformed into torque, which the wheels need in order to spin. The transmission is the vehicle’s component that does this. The gearbox is part of the transmission and these gears wear down. If the gears are sufficiently worn down, they will not work as smoothly as they once did. If your car’s transmission completely breaks down, and your car isn’t worth a lot, the result can be the need to dispose of the whole vehicle and buy a new one. Always, keep an eye on signs of a failing clutch.

  1. Transmission Fluid Leaks

The components within the transmission need lubricating as well. The lubrication system that has the fluid within it required for this task is prone to the consequences of aging. This means that as time goes on, the likelihood of leaks occurring gets closer and closer to one hundred percent. This is because of the gaskets and lines, which are subject to the ravages of time like anything else is. The loss of fluid will accelerate the speed at which your transmission itself ages. Get the transmission fluid looked at when you take your car in for regular maintenance. Or when you look at it yourself as a part of DIY maintenance.

  1. Clogged Filter

Dirt and dust get into your car’s insides as your drive about in the elements. It is impossible to avoid. And this stuff will get into your car’s transmission fluid and engine oil if it weren’t for the filters that stop this from happening. However, those filters will get clogged eventually. Clogged filters aren’t any good. You can’t drive around with these clogged filters in your car. Instead, you should get those clogged filters fixed and replaced or at the very least cleaned out. This is easy to do so don’t stress out about it.

Selling a car with These Issues (mechanical problems)

Finally, all these issues bother your vehicle’s engine, resultant, you might have to spend lots of money to repair a cracked engine block or end up selling a car with a blown engine.


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